Testing Services
Testing process
- Test Strategy
- Test Planning & Test Case Design
- Test Methodology
- Test Automation
Typically, more than half of all software defects are found downstream in the development process or during post-sale software use. This late discovery costs the economy billions of dollars annually, since almost every business in the world relies on software to operate.

To be effective, software applications testing must start at the beginning of the development process and play an integral role throughout the application lifecycle

Analysis Of Test results/Documentation

A project's software quality requirements determine what data must be collected, analyzed and reported. During the design phase of the software, project management should set software quality metrics, based on the software quality requirements described in the SRS. Some common examples of software quality metrics are

Code Coverage
Defect distribution and density
Defect trend analysis
Mean time to discover next K faults
Mean time to failure
Mean time to recover
Failure analysis
Root-cause analysis
Quality gap analysis (release criteria vs. actual test status)

Reporting protocols, including reports required by the customer and reports required by OemSoftsales’s Internal Audit and Tracking, are finalized during the strategy/planning phase. Our document review services provide a quick and convenient means of reviewing your test documentation.