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Process Implementation Issues in an Organisation
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This Software Process Compliance Solution is meant for enterprise customers who manage the process elements based on metrics and predefined process life cycles. This suite specifically addresses the project parameters and process steps as suggested by CMM/CMMi rulebooks.

This is built on MetricStream’s Enterprise Compliance Platform (ECP). (Refer to for MetricStream’s compliance solutions). MetricStream ECP has built-in features such as alerts, record history, electronic signatures and other compliance elements that enhance the visibility and control of process steps across the organization. With its robust dashboards and reports features, organizations can get every possible measurement of every process step using this process suite.

OemSoftsales-MetricStream solution has the following features:

  • Project Management (all project parameters including schedule and effort)
  • Risk Management
  • Request For Change Management
  • Vendor Management (including vendor evaluation and appraisals)
  • Process Management (including process evaluation and appraisals)
  • Help Desk Management
  • HR Competency Management & Performance Appraisals
  • Audit and Review Management

This suite interfaces with SPCG suite, to pull data for day to day project aspects such as timesheet details, project bug details etc.

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