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Top 5 Process Implementation Issues

When implemented in traditional way with documents and spreadsheets, process implementation and metrics collection have the following pain areas.

  1. No track record of which process step deviated/violated, when and by whom
  2. Measurements are scattered all around the place and no value-adding metrics are readily available; metrics collation takes more hours than doing the job itself!
  3. Lack of visibility of process compliance to project management team, senior management team and to the quality teams
  4. Organizations, as they grow, embrace small, little islands of applications for different activities such as bug tracking, review, timesheets, schedule tracking etc. and at the organizational level, there is no single repository to have better control
  5. Audits are mostly sampling exercises to find process conformance/deviations. How to ensure 100% of the project activities are conforming to the defined processes?
Here is the pain reliever. Use OemSoftsales’s Software Process Compliance and Governance (SPCG) Suite