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QAMonitor helps you manage test plans and test cases in synch with requirements. You can also assign and record test execution results along with the start and end time of the test; track defects based on status codes and priorities with automatic email notifications on change in bug status.
Besides you can analyze defect data on dashboards and maintain complete history of bugs.
It is important to have an integral audit management system working in your project management software, that can help you identify, track and analyze the deficiencies and non-conformities and take the necessary corrective and preventive actions
With QAMonitor you can initiate audits for specific projects and assign auditor; manage audit checklists and procedure to be followed and track audit status.
You can also document audit findings and instances of non-conformances and also Determine corrective actions and track action plan implementation to completion and closure.
QAMonitor is a web-based, test management tool that integrates and manages requirements, testing, reviews and quality audits. This broadly covers the finest details of quality control, issues management as well as quality assurance activities. This provides a single channel that integrates the business analysis team, development team, testing team and the audit teams.
QAMonitor has robust role-based Privilege configuration mechanism that ensures information hiding/sharing across the software teams. The set of reports that are provided by this tool can give insight to the maturity levels of products along the product life-cycle.
QA Monitor  provides answers to critical questions such as
How all high priority requirements are tested
What is the quality trend of the application under test
How much of application is covered in each test plan
Are the projects executed within the planned timeline, effort
Are we confident that the application is ready for release
Are we following-up the business leads quickly and efficiently
Are the organizational quality goals met; if not what is the gap
Are the project risks addressed and acted upon in a timely manner
Are the user demands and issues addressed quickly across the organization

The product features: Test Planning, Scenarios and Test Case documentation, Test Run Details, Manual Test Maintenance, Defect tracking, Requirements to Test Traceability, Defect Analysis, Reports, Document Review Mechanism, Internal Quality Auditing ..

Sample screenshots:
  1. Manage Requirements
  2. Manage Test Cases
  3. Manage Defects
  4. Defect Distribution Chart
  5. Defects-Status Vs Priority chart