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SPCG is a central management tool to manage and track your projects from requirements to testing and from reviews to quality audits. Moreover, with its easy-to-build charts, numerous reports and comprehensive statistics, SPCG gives you the big picture on project advancement.
With SPCG  you can  Organize your Projects better  and  keep your projects  in schedule. You know exactly the status of your projects and can react to changing Situations. The end result: Better product, delivered on time.
SPCG Suite
SPCG Suite from OemSoftsales is a Web-based management solution that builds quality and productivity into your testing and project management process, thus enhancing the robustness and reliability of successful enterprise applications before delivery.
This  Software Process Compliance solution provides a structured framework for process improvement across the software development lifecycle based on the industry standard ISO and SEI CMM/CMMi models
The tool acts as a single channel for integrating the project management team, sales team, business analysis team, development team, testing team, audit team and the senior management, through a browser based interface, thus providing a complete visibility across projects.
Moreover it also ties together the teams, processes and information to create coherent and complete view of the development system and allows the management to set improvement goals and priorities.
SPCG is made up of autonomous modules, that “plug’” into a common backbone, enabling customized system deployment using predefined application components. The modules are:
Task Manager
Risk Manager
Requirements Manager
Test and Defect Manager
Document Manager
Demand & Issue Manager
Business Development Manager
Timesheet Manager
Review Manager
Audit Manager 
Vendor & Contracts  Manager
Training & Knowledge Manager

Click here to download the power point presentation on SPCG suite.

Sample screenshots:

  1. Project Schedule
  2. Timesheet Entry
  3. Training Feedback
  4. Knowledge Master