Testing Services
Testing process
- Test Strategy
- Test Planning & Test Case Design
- Test Methodology
- Test Automation

Experience, Reliability and Economy are the  three main reasons why our clients prefer us time and  again.

Our testing methodologies have been honed to perfection.
We are not only thorough but we meet our clients' budgets every time. It matters not what kind of software you produce, you owe it to yourself to involve OemSoftsales in your quality assurance process. Contact us and we will prove it.
Test Execution & Identification of Defects
Execution of the test plan begins with fulfillment of test-start criteria, and ends with the fulfillment of test-complete criteria.
The successful test execution process involves our experts performing the following execution steps.
Preparing comprehensive test plan specifications and test cases for each level of testing.
Reviewing  all test plans and test cases.
Prepare test data and test logs.
Setting up the test environment so that all operations can be completed on time, accurately, and efficiently.
Executing tests as described, noting where test cases require revision and updating.
Reporting all bugs in the manner agreed upon with the customer, following all defect management protocols, informing customer of current status, monitoring and driving to resolution all red-flag conditions, and ensuring that communication between all parties is complete and accurate
Running  spot checks to ensure quality.
Updating weekly the project health status document for internal audit and tracking
When the project has been completed, our experts review all aspects of the project and submit a Project retrospective report to the customer who objectively evaluates the project's execution.
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