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With OemSoftsales’s  expertise in software testing, we can help you streamline the development of a highly effective testing process.
OemSoftsales follows a total lifecycle testing practice, adhering to industry standards IEEE829 (standard for software test documentation), BS7925-1 (software testing vocabulary) and BS7925-2 (software testing – software component testing standards).
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We have extensive experience testing Web-based applications, client  server applications, Windows applications and UNIX applications. Our domain expertise includes testing Banking and Insurance applications, ERP and Supply Chain products, CRM Applications, Wireless and Embedded Systems and HR Suites.
Our consultants develop test plans, write test cases and scripts, execute tests, document defects and report testing status. You know at every step along the way which tests have passed, which have failed and which remain to be run.
We perform functional testing, regression testing, install/de-install testing, platform/compatibility testing, white-box testing and many other test types.
Our methodology adopts a collaborative approach with client’s practitioners for successful testing and implementation. We have developed robust methodologies that allow us to get projects underway rapidly and produce high-quality results using a predictable low-risk approach. We also ensure smooth knowledge transfer to the client’s core team to ensure continual process improvements.
We also help clients to select and implement new tools, including those used for test management, configuration management and defect tracking.
Testing can be performed at your site or remotely as per the clients needs.