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Testing process
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- Test Methodology
- Test Automation
Exhaustive analysis ensures that there is no mismatch between our understanding and the customer’s requirement.
We analyze whether we need a clean test environment for each test run or whether the testers have to reinstall a new image during each test pass
All relevant product, interface, component, and other external dependencies are identified and the timeframe for delivering the results is computed.
The resulting plan is presented in industry-standard format to the customer; further steps are not taken without customer sign-off.
Testing Planning & Test Case Design
The planning phase translates your goals and needs into a concrete action plan. The first task is to establish, and seek confirmation from the customer, an understanding of the project and its deliverables.
OemSoftsales follows the following key steps during the test planning phase
Identifying and reviewing the existing project documentation (use cases and/or requirements)
Functionality walk-through (demo, mock-ups, user training)
Requirements Review (for completeness, consistency, correctness, unambiguity, testability, etc.)
4 Defining the Test Environment(s)
5 Determining applicability of manual vs. automated testing
Charting test automation requirements  and determining which tools and testing utilities will be needed
Identifying and evaluating skills/resources available
Performing installation and configuration of test  tool(s)
Test Analysis of the Requirements to enumerate the tests to be performed for each requirement for each type of testing
Expanding the Test Analysis into Test Suite, Test Cases and Test Scenarios and prioritizing the same
Defining release criteria (with the release manager)