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Enterprise software products require a higher level of quality, robustness and flexible architecture .
OemSoftsales has the expertise in carrying out end-to-end enterprise projects and provides quality solutions that encompass right from program management to product maintenance.
Enterprise Solutions

OemSoftsales shall work as a seamless extension of the Client’s development center. This begins with a complete understanding of the clients information technology situation, objectives and constraints.

OemSoftsales Consultants perform the software development, requirements analysis project management, infrastructure support, needs assessments, audits and IT strategic planning, besides rigorous testing and final delivery.
The cornerstone to the OemSoftsales best practices methodology is knowledge transfer to the client at the time of assignment completion.
A new group is created for every client, specific to the need of the client. This focused group is responsible for the end-to-end delivery of products & functions as an extended arm of the client's IT division. Project management is made clearly visible to the client at any point of time and the client is given access to the development server itself over the internet for control on work products.