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Enterprise software products require a higher level of quality, robustness and flexible architecture .
OemSoftsales has the expertise in carrying out end-to-end enterprise projects and provides quality solutions that encompass right from program management to product maintenance.
Customer : GLOWCOMM Systems, U.S.A
Technology :Embedded VC++, JAVA

OemSoftsales has been the first choice for Glowcomm Inc. USA, for developing their project in wireless and embedded environments. The project TOTALGLO has been developed on extreme programming principles. The System is built on a client-server technology. The server side of the functions is hosted at a remote monitoring center. The clients are installed on a mobile device which is networked with either wireless access or using a network cable. Using this product, the PDAs can be centrally managed for their data and can be secured from a single central place, in wireless mode. This product has pocket PC as client and a WindowsNT/linux based server that uses Java technology .

Web Enabling Shop Floor Data Manager
Customer: Compaq Computers Corporation, CA,USA.
Technology: XML, XSQL Servlet, HTML, Oracle

The shop floor operations at the Fremont assembling plant are computerized using Shop Floor Data Manager (SFDM), which runs in Unix-Oracle. The database contains work orders, part details, assembly data of parts, rework and debug data, goods shipment data and physical Inventory data. Approximately 5000 records of data will be processed per day. Phase I of the project is completed. During this phase, reports and transaction screens of SFDM are developed using Java/XML. Front end is in HTML/JavaScript, and logic layer is implemented in Java Servlets and output from Oracle database is converted into XML format, which will be superimposed on XSL style sheets. This project is executed in Offshore Development mode, which includes development and testing.

Bombay Commodities Exchange (BCE)

Customer: SSI Technologies, Chennai, India.
Technology: ASP, Tandem Nonstop SQL

BCE, is a commodities exchange, where oils, oilseeds and oilcakes are traded. Using this product, the trades can happen online thru internet. The front-end is in ASP and the backend is in Tandem mainframe Nonstop SQL. Approximately 10,000 trades are expected to happen through this site.

OemSoftsales provided project management assistance and did the complete testing of this site for handling peak loads and tested the entire exchange functionality. Rational SQA Robot and Rational Performance Studio were used to test this product. This project is executed by providing onsite placement of our consultants at SSIT.

Customer : CRISIL, Mumbai, India.
Technology: VB, HASP
CRISIL RiskPRO is a product developed for The Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited (CRISIL). CRISIL RiskPRO is protected with HASP. CRISIL RiskPRO computes CRISIL’s historical default and transition tables, using past 11-year data, through a user-friendly application. Various options are provided to the end-user community to select years, sectors, modifiers, data range etc., as per requirements. The generated reports can be exported in MS Excel format for further analysis.