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SPCG Suite
Software Process Compliance


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SPCG Suite

SPCG is a single point solution for software process automation, based on ISO/CMM rules. This has the following features:

  • Project Schedule & Risk Managements
  • Timesheet Management
  • Business Leads & Opportunities Management
  • Training and Knowledge Management
  • Action Items and MOM Management
  • Demands & Issues Management
  • Document Baseline and Sign-off Storage
  • And all features of QAMonitor

SPCG is the logical extension of QAMonitor. Developed in Microsoft .Net platform, SPCG provides simple web-based UI to the users to provide a better integration among project team members and other support groups of the organization.

SPCG can accommodate multiple enterprises in the same instance and multiple projects within each enterprise. User Interface and workflow are configurable at enterprise level as well as projects level.

Click here to download the power point presentation on SPCG suite.

Sample screenshots:

  1. Project Schedule
  2. Timesheet Entry
  3. Business Leads
  4. Training Feedback
  5. Knowledge Master