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SPCG Suite
Process Implementation Issues in an Organisation
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SPCG can accommodate multiple enterprises in the same instance and multiple projects within each enterprise. User Interface and workflow are configurable at enterprise level as well as projects level
Developed in Microsoft .Net platform, SPCG provides simple web-based UI to the users to provide a better integration among project team members  and other support groups of the organization.
Key Product Features
Using OemSoftsales’s products you can
Manage multiple enterprises and projects
Define and track all project tasks and actions
Identify and act on all project risks
Manage all macro and micro requirements and change requests
Manage different test cycles and test execution details
End to end defect tracker with configurable bug cycles
Workflow driven review process
Manage all process audit findings, corrective and preventive actions
Collect timesheet details from all the resources.
Provide a variety of configurable reports, charts, and dashboards
Manage all user demands and issues
Manage all vendor and contract details to track subcontract activities
Manage organizational knowledge and training information
Key product Benefits
The advantage you derive from OemSoftsales’s products are outlined below
By using the single repository, organizations can eliminate a large number of scattered documents and spreadsheets, and thus a cost saving on those licences right from day one.
Senior management can get complete visibility to any finer project details all the time. Summary reports, history reports, trend reports, are a click away.
Centralised task management system eliminates human communication gaps and logistics issues.
Project Managers and quality analysts need not run  around to collate various documents to generate reports.
Helps organizations to automatically follow the best practices suggested by ISO and SEI CMM frameworks.
User demands and issues are addressed and helps the central IT team to resolve those.
Geographically distributed sales team are integrated with common sales business lead details.
Email notifications and alerts help the members to carry out tasks at right time.