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Validation is a process of finding out if the product being built is right? i.e. whatever the software product is being developed, it should do what the user expects it to do.
The software product should functionally do what it is supposed to, it should satisfy all the functional requirements set by the user. Validation is done during or at the end of the development process in order to determine whether the product satisfies specified requirements.
Validation and Verification processes go hand in hand, but visibly Validation process starts after Verification process ends (after coding of the product ends).
Each Verification activity (such as Requirement Specification Verification, Functional design Verification etc.) has its corresponding Validation activity (such as Functional Validation/Testing, Code Validation/Testing, System/Integration Validation etc.).
  What can we do for you ? ( Contd...)
Providing Resource augmentation support in testing
OemSoftsales’s resources are deployed at the client’s site, for a considerable period of time. The clients have an option of hiring the resource after evaluating the performance & productivity of the resource.
Checking for compatibility issues in all variations of the end user environment
The increasing number of end user configurations, especially with Internet applications, means that your functionality should be tested in many different environments. OemSoftsales has developed special test environments to conduct compatibility testing with a wide range of hardware and software applications.
Helping you know the performance limit of your system
Poor response times or failed systems are an important differentiator in today's competitive online environment. Knowing how your system performs under load, right up to full capacity is critical. OemSoftsales can provide performance testing using the latest load simulation tools and can assist with pre-deployment performance tuning to improve performance and optimise your infrastructure requirements.
Assisting you in avoiding production defects with regression testing
Complex software systems can be impacted by subtle changes to low level code and configuration. OemSoftsales has expertise to assist you with the development of regression testing suites, and if appropriate, the automation of this testing.
  Consult you in code inspections and reviews towards reducing the amount of rework
Significant time and cost can be taken up in reworking code after defects are detected. The use of code inspections and reviews can greatly reduce the number of defects being detected by testing and hence reduce the amount of rework required. OemSoftsales  can provide advice on how to improve your code inspection processes.