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Verification is a process that makes it sure that the software product is developed the right way. OemSoftsales’s experts  closely see if the software designed confirms  to its predefined specifications. Since the product development goes through different stages, an analysis is done at this stage to ensure that all of the required specifications are met. 
During the Verification, the work product (the ready part of the Software being developed and various documentations) is reviewed  by OemSoftsales’s experts in order to find and point out the defects in it. This process helps in prevention of potential bugs, which may cause in failure of the project.
  What can we do for you ?
OemSoftsales can improve your bottomline by one or many of the following means
Checking your test coverage before releasing the code

Test coverage can be determined by the percentage of requirements tested or the percentage of line of code executed. OemSoftsales has expertise in conducting the  project audit  on your testing to provide advice on your readiness to release code to your customers.

Providing you consultancy to improve your code inspection process
Significant time and cost can be taken up in reworking code after defects are detected. The use of code inspections and reviews can greatly reduce the number of defects being detected by testing and hence reduce the amount of rework required. OemSoftsales can provide advice on how to improve your code inspection processes
Helping you to reduce the number of defects from poor requirements

Many of the defects that are found during the final stages of testing could have been avoided if better requirements were defined at the beginning. OemSoftsales  can improve the way you define the requirements of the application that is provided to your software developers

Suggesting the right testing tools for your environment

Testing tools can add significant value to your testing project but they can also lead to expensive  mistakes. OemSoftsales can assist you by assessing your needs and selecting the best tools for you.

Providing training to improve testing efficiencies
We strive to provide a high value addition to your company’s performance by providing a highly focused and cost effective training in the area of testing & QA. Training sessions are conducted by accomplished professionals who are experts with rich experience in testing. OemSoftsales also provides training in Tandem NonStop Mainframe.
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